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10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)
10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)


Z3M S54 Radiator Upgrade (E36)

Original price $249.99 - Original price $624.99
Original price
$249.99 - $624.99
Sale price $249.99

**These radiators are getting very hard to get, and come in and out of stock very fast. If you are interested, please email us to ask if they are in stock.

One of the first modifications I do to any E36 is upgrade to the Z3M S54 Radiator. This radiator features a 42mm core instead of the stock 34mm core that came in all E36s. The best part about his upgrade is that it is completely plug and play. This is a direct replacement, and will not require you to buy new hoses or mounts. By having a thicker radiator you increase cooling efficiency about allowing more coolant to flow through the radiator. A must have upgrade for any track car.

This radiator also allows for the Euro oil cooler as in has the built in hangers.

Note: This radiator is also a popular upgrade for M50, M52, S50, S52 swapped E30s. This is also a direct replacement in the E30 chassis and requires no modification.

If BMW coolant is added, keep in mind it is concentrated and will need to be mixed with distilled water.

Part Number: 17112227281

Note: Because of supply, if you choose aftermarket you will receive either a Behr or Nissens brand.  Both were contracted by BMW to make these radiators and are OE quality.