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Z3M Extended Big Brake Kit Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Original price $64.99 - Original price $124.99
Original price
$64.99 - $124.99
Sale price $64.99

These extended brake lines for Z3M cars with the front Porsche Brembo Big Brake Kit.  They will fit many other big brake kits as well.

They are a DOT approved, high quality piece.  The lines have a rubber grommet installed which locates it to the strut housing and prevents chafing of the line.
They are an excellent alternative to the Stoptech BBK rear brake lines. 

Installation is made easier with the elimination of banjo fitting and copper crush washers.  Simply screw the small male fitting into the caliper and connect the brake line.

Note: A single copper crush washer is used with Stoptech calipers.  This crush washer is not required on the Porsche calipers since the fitting provided seats within the caliper as per the OEM brake line design.