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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


VANOS Camshaft Locking Tools

Original price $94.99 - Original price $94.99
Original price
$94.99 - $94.99
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If you are working on BMWs long enough, there will be time when you have to remove the head, cams, or maybe rebuild the VANOS unit.  Because of this you will need a couple specialty tools to hold the cams in place and a specific wrench to turn the VANOS.  Our VANOS rebuild kits have become one of our most popular products, so we are now offering the tools for the job.

Kit Includes:

  • Cam Locking Tools
  • VANOS Wrench (M50, M52, S50us, S52us)
  • Flywheel Lock Pin
  • Carrying Case

Fitment: M42, M43, M44, M50, M52, M52tu, S52, M54, M56, M60, M62, M70, M73, S50b30, S50b32, S54, S62

*Note: Color of case my vary depending on availability