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The stock E36 lower u joint uses a rubber coupling (guibo) that cracks over time and causes sloppy steering. This upgraded lower u joint is from an E34 model and eliminates the rubber coupling all together. By doing this you can expect a more direct feel, and tighter steering. This is a must have modification on all old E36s.

Special Installation Note: Since the E36 did not have a provision on the lower part of the shaft for a pinch bolt, you will need to drill one to make this u joint work. Don't fret, this not a hard task. Simply install the u joint onto the e36 shaft and take a drill that same size as the bolt hole and drill through the aluminum shaft. Keep in mind this does not ruin your E36 steering shaft. If you ever wanted to go back to the stock application, it would all still work. If you have any questions, please email us at

Fitment: All E36 models

NOTE: Will not fit Z3 models