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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply for Oversize)


Tapped M52TU/M54 Aluminum Thermostat Housing with Coolant Sensor

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Introducing our tapped M52tu/M54 aluminum thermostat housing which includes a VDO coolant temperature sensor.  If you are installing an aftermarket coolant gauge in your car, this unit takes out all the hardwork.  Each aluminum thermostat housing includes a tapped unit with an included VDO temperature sensor. 

If you own a M52tu, or a M54 BMW engine, you have likely had issues with the plastic thermostat housing. Unlike the 6 cylinder engines previously, BMW decided to do a one piece thermostat, housing and sensor unit.  Because of the extreme heat conditions inside the engine bay, the thermostat housing can crack and leave you stranded.  Our aluminum thermostat housing replacement is completely plug and play. It features an all aluminum design, with a brand new thermostat and sensor.  This is the perfect upgrade to your faulty cooling system. 

Replaces OEM BMW PN 11531436823,11531437040

*Note: Includes gasket, thermostat, and sensor. Thermostat is not removable. 


1999-2000 BMW 323i 2.5L
2000 BMW 323Ci 2.5L
2001-2006 BMW 325Ci 2.5L
2001-2005 BMW 325i 2.5L
2001-2005 BMW 325xi 2.5L
2000 BMW 328Ci 2.8L
1999-2000 BMW 328i 2.8L
2001-2006 BMW 330Ci 3.0L
2001-2005 BMW 330i 3.0L
2001-2005 BMW 330xi 3.0L
2001-2005 BMW 525i 2.5L
1999-2000 BMW 528i 2.8L
2001-2005 BMW 530i 3.0L
2004-2005 BMW X3 2.5L
2004-2006 BMW X3 3.0L
1999-2002 BMW Z3 2.5L
1999-2000 BMW Z3 2.8L
2001-2002 BMW Z3 3.0L
2003-2005 BMW Z4 2.5L
2003-2005 BMW Z4 3.0L
2001-2006 BMW X5 3.0L