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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Tapped EZ Bleed Thermostat Housing With Coolant Sensor

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Mixing the best of both worlds. Our regular tapped aluminum thermostat housing has become a fan favorite to easily add an aftermarket coolant gauge to your BMW. We then started offering the EZ bleed thermostat housing which added a bung to bleed the coolant system from the highest point, instead of through the overflow tank, which can be tricky.


We are now offering a tapped EZ bleed thermostat housing. Unlike our original tapped housing, which uses a 1/8npt sensor that can not be removed, the EZ bleed housing uses a M12 sensor with a gasket. This allows you to simply remove the sensor to bleed and install the sensor back in when you're done. The VDO sensor installed uses a ring terminal connection for your signal wire to the gauge.


*Not recommended for use with a silicone upper radiator hose


Kit Includes:

  • EZ Bleed Aluminum Thermostat Housing
  • Gasket
  • VDO 250 Degree F Coolant Sensor


Note: You must use a VDO temperature gauge for this to work. Other brands may not be compatible with the VDO sensor.


Fitment: M50, M52, S50, S52 (WILL NOT FIT M52TU)