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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Siphon Fuel Pump Kit

Original price $66.00 - Original price $86.00
Original price
$66.00 - $86.00
Sale price $66.00

Fuel starvation in high g corners, especially below a half tank, can be a major problem on track with your E30 or E36. This problem has now been solved. The Rally Road siphon fuel pump kit is placed on the pump side of your fuel tank to totally eliminate any starvation.

How it works: The fuel system return is routed to the pump side of the tank instead of the usual non-pump side. Inside the tank, the return fuel goes through the siphon pump and into the sump bucket. The flow of the returned fuel is what powers the suction on the siphon pump. This constantly pulls fuel from the non-pump side of the fuel tank (through a hose attached to the black fitting). No electrical pieces means no extra wiring needed. No secondary transfer pump means nothing to fail, and keeps fuel temperatures down.

Kit includes:
Siphon pump body (blue)
Suction fitting with Viton o-ring (black)
Nozzle1 with Viton o-ring (green) - For 2 pumps running full time
Nozzle2 with Viton o-ring (gold) - For single pump or staged pumps.

**The different nozzle sizes vary the velocity of the flow and therefore how much suction is created.