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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Rethreaded Coolant Sensor (E30 24V Swap)

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$49.50 - $49.50
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This is an often overlooked item for your 24V E30 swap. If you are swapping an 24V engine (M5x/S5x) in your E30, you will need to use the correct temperature sensor for your temperature gauge to work. The E30 (brown top) sensor has threads that are too large to fit the 24V head. We precisely grind off the threads on a lathe, and rethread the sensor to the correct pitch to fit. For best quality, we only use OEM sensors. This is a plug and play item, and requires no modification.

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M5x Swap E30 Coolant Sensor Connector

    • OEM FAE Sensors Only
    • Rethreaded to Match M5x/S5x Head
    • For 24V E30 Swaps
    • Plug and Play