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Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free
Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free


Renown Therapy Shift Knob

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The Renown Therapy Shift Knob has finally arrived. Years in the making with dimensions tested in many different machines, in all driving experiences. We wanted a motorsport derived knob, made locally here in San Francisco, California utilizing small batch manufacturing by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Our goal was to have a shift knob that would be a delight to use every day, yet feel perfect for spirited canyon runs to intense track battles. We have taken these knobs to the limit, on track at Laguna Seca, Sonoma and Thunderhill Raceway. We chose three finishes for a knob to fit every machine.

Shiro = Opaque White
Oat = Vintage Off-White
Black Swan = Black

Mounted with 2 offset, stainless steel allen set screws on the back, so unseen from the front. Included is also a solid brass insert that slides into the center hole, adding another 17 grams.

100% Delrin Knob for Heat Protection and Durability
Hardness: Rockwell R120-R122 (Hard)
Stainless Steel Set Screws
Solid Brass Insert
Allen Key
5" Renown Motorsport Decal

Diameter 50mm / 1.96"
Height 75mm / 2.95"
Shaft ID 14.6mm
Weight 111g / 3.9oz without brass insert.
Total Weight 128g / 4.5oz

Made in San Francisco, California USA