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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)
Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


Poly Differential Bushings

Original price $109.99 - Original price $109.99
Original price $109.99
$109.99 - $109.99
Sale price $109.99

If you're looking to tighten up the rear suspension of your E36 this is it. We have used and tested all different types of bushings over the years, and found the Revshift 95a poly bushings to be the best on the market. This is a great solution for light street use, and mild track use.


Comes with Teflon lubricate. Will not squeak like other cheaper poly bushings.

Revshift polyurethane differential bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on all BMW E36 cars except for the 318ti. These bushings stiffen the differential improving the vehicles handling capabilities. The two rearward bushings are a two piece design which securely hold the differential in place preventing it from sliding or twisting.

    • Improves handing
    • Will not wear out like oem bushings
    • Properly dampens the differential
    • Prevents differential from moving / twisting
    • Includes new class 10.9 bolts
    • Revshift bushing lube included

    Lifetime warranty

      We offer a 14mm (2.0 thread pitch) bolt option for the front bushing. The OEM front bolt size is 12mm and it is the standard option. Drilling and tapping the differential housing for a 14mm bolt is a common upgrade. Please specify if you want the OEM bolt or the 14mm bolt.

      Sold as a complete set

      80A black: Slightly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. No additional NVH. Great choice as an upgraded stock replacement (OEM+).
      95A green: Significantly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Minor increase in NVH. Excellent for enthusiastically driven street cars and track cars.
      70D TEAL: Drastically stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Moderate increase in NVH. Most commonly used on dedicated track cars.
      (NVH = noise, vibration, harmonics)