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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)
Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


MTS Technik E10 Coilovers - Street

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MTS Technik may be new to the USA market, but they are not new to designing and creating suspension systems. MTS Technik coilovers feature industry leading components found on higher end suspension systems for a fraction of the price. All coilover systems are protected by a double layer of gold zinc on the steel shock body to increase corrosion resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, they use world leading Eibach sport springs to guarantee the best ride you can trust. All MTS Technik coilovers are TUV certified.

Note:  E10 coilovers require cutting of the original shock tube and welding to install. Make sure you have a professional install if you are not confident.
Note: These coilovers use a 45mm strut

Front Drop: .78" to 3.35" (20mm-85mm)
Rear Drop: .78" to 3.15" (20mm-80mm)


  • TUV Certified
  • High Quality 2 year warranty without mileage limit
  • Twin tube technology for stable shock performance
  • Gas pressurized shocks to eliminate the "foaming effect"
  • Specially selected type of thread and wide range of suspension adjustment allows for optimal setting of the car
  • Included V2 camber/caster plates allow for the perfect wheel angle adjustment
  • Innovative hexacoil spring perch
  • Additional height adjustment at the bottom mount, allowing the car's height to be changed without interfering with spring operation
  • Double layer gold zinc coating
  • World leading Eibach Springs

Major difference between street and sport is the street kits use a progressive rear spring, while the sport kits use a linear rear spring.

Fitment: 1502 / 1600 / 1600 Ti / 1600GT / 2000 / 1602 / 1802 / 2002 / 2002 Ti / 2002 Tii / 2002 Turbo

*Shipping times usually take 1-2 weeks.