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10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)
10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)


M50/S50 PCV to AN Adapter

Original price $34.99 - Original price $54.99
Original price
$34.99 - $54.99
Sale price $34.99

Deleting the stock PCV system is very common on the M50 and S50.  To clean up your build, Rally Road developed this PCV to AN adapter that fits snugly in the valve cover. Create your own PCV or catch can system using -10AN lines.

These billet aluminum adapters are offered in two different versions

  1. Swivel 90 degree - Fits both OEM and Rally Road billet fuel rails
  2. Straight - To be used only with OBD2 OEM fuel rails on the M50/S50 intake manifold. 

*Note: The straight fitting is very tight on the OBD1 Fuel Rail with the OBD1 intake manifold.  We recommend only the SWIVEL-90 version with OBD1 Fuel Rail or their billet fuel rail.  OBD2 fuel rails on the OBD1 intake manifold have plenty of clearance for the straight fitting.

Fits M50 and S50 Engines or engines with the Metal OBDI valve cover swapped.