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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


M20 Oil Filter Adapter

Original price $35.00 - Original price $42.00
Original price
$35.00 - $42.00
Sale price $35.00

Sometimes finding ports to tap into your system to add aftermarket gauges can be a challenge. This M20 oil filter adapter is the ticket. A classic sandwich plate design that attaches to your stock oil cooler adapter with no modification. We offer two options for this adapter. The first is three 1/8NPT taps, and the other is two 1/8NPT tap + one m12x1.5 tap. With these possibilities, you can easily measure oil pressure, temperature, or even use one for a turbo oil feed line.
*Note: If you use this adapter with the stock oil cooler adapter, you may need to run a shorter oil filter.

**Note: The sandwich plate is 1.125" thick.  Please verify you have clearance with your oil filter and headers.  May not fit with if you are running the factory oil cooler adapter.
*Sensors are sold separately.