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Free Shipping Over $49* Some Exclusions Apply

HD E30 Differential Stud Kit

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E30 differential stud kits are nothing new in the industry, but we just weren't happy with any offerings, so we decided to make our own. Diff stud kits make installing and removing the differential a breeze. No more trying to perfectly line up the stock bolts. Our studs are made from heat treated 10.9 grade carbon steel, and then black zinc coated for corrosion resistance. Included with the kit are extra thick stainless steel washers and black oxide grade 10 conical lock nuts. Don't be fooled by lesser kits using cheaper studs, washers, and nylon zinc nuts. Our kits are sure to last.

Kits come with Loctite for installation. It is recommended to use Loctite when installing the studs into the differential.

*Color of studs may vary by availability