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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Genuine BMW E30 Door Lock Cylinder Replacement

Original price $94.99 - Original price $94.99
Original price
$94.99 - $94.99
Sale price $94.99

Our E30s are slowly becoming over 30 years old, and things end up wearing out. A big wear item is the E30 door lock cylinder. This OEM BMW door lock cylinder replacement kit is what you need to start locking your doors again. This kit comes with a brand new tumbler, keys, and all the instructions to replace your door lock cylinder. No need for a new key, this kit allows you to use your current key.

Fitment: All model E30s

Choose with central locking or without central locking. Make sure you know which one you are choosing. If you have any questions, please email us at