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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Ez Squeeze Fillable Oil Pouch Kit

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Filling transmissions and differentials has never been one of my favorite jobs. The go to filling method is to use a pump to get the fluid into each component. The problme here is sometimes space is limited and your hand gets tired from pumping so long.

This is why we developed the EZ Squeeze refillable oil pouches. These unique oil pouches can easily be filled with up to 1 quart of fluid in under 20 seconds. Once filled, attach our connecting hose and squeeze the fluid into the component in less than 10 seconds! The best thing about the pouches is that they are completely reusable. The pouches also come with caps in case you do not use all of the fluid and want to store for later. Take a black marker to label, and mark what is inside!

*Note: It is recommended to add a little air to the pouches the first time filling, to make it easier for the fluid to flow in. the pouches come flat with all the air out.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 EZ Squeeze Pouches w/ Caps
  • 1 Attachment Hose
  • 1 EZ Fill Funnel

*If you wanting to buy individual pouches, please email us at