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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


E53 X5 Automatic Pop Trunk Upgrade Kit

Original price $24.99 - Original price $69.99
Original price
$24.99 - $69.99
Sale price $24.99

The E53 tailgate is one of our favorite features, but unfortunately the trunk does automatically open when you pop it open.  Bring your E53 into the 21st century, like newer models and add our automatic pop trunk upgrade kit.  This kit can be retrofitted easily in under 20 minutes to any E53 X5 model.  Our kit stands apart from the competitors by adding a rubber isolator and washer to the kit to prevent the spring from bouncing down the strut when it opens.  Each kit includes high strength tensile springs, rubber isolators, and washers for a unique, clean solution.  Choose between the spring kit or our deluxe kit which includes brand new German made Staublis trunk struts.

*Note: It is highly recommended to replace the trunk struts when installing this kit.  If your struts are old, with reduced gas, it can still prevent the trunk from automatically popping open.


  • Basic (springs, isolators, washers)
  • Deluxe (springs, isolators, washers + brand new struts) Deluxe kit comes preassembled to make it completely plug and play.