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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


E36 Steering Rack Swap Kit (Airbag)

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Original price $15.50 - Original price $30.50
Original price
$15.50 - $30.50
Sale price $15.50

Swapping an E36, E46, Z3 steering rack into your late model (airbag) E30 is a great upgrade. These steering racks feature a closer ratio lock to lock, which will increase steering feel and responsiveness, especially on track. This kit includes everything you need for a late model (airbag) E30. These aluminum spacers mount to your subframe at the steering rack mounting points to take up the space from the E36 rack mounting points being shorter.
*The two aluminum spacers will be mounted above the steering rack.

**The stainless steel firewall plate is optional but highly recommended to ensure rubbing of the steering shaft through the firewall does not exist. A small section of the firewall will need to be cut.  The plate will attach on the inside of the car.  This essentially moves the firewall steering boot down and to the right to prevent the shaft from rubbing on the firewall. 
If you are looking for the non airbag version: CLICK HERE