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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


E36 Power Steering Delete Kit

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$54.99 - $54.99
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Deleting the power steering on your E36 is a very popular modification especailly for track/race cars. By deleting the power steering you not only get a more direct feel through your steering wheel, but you simplify the system, and will benefit from faster revs, since the engine no longer has to spin the power steering pump. This will also eliminate any possible leaks on the race track.
This kit takes all the guess work out, and includes our premium E36 power steering delete block, which is CAD designed and machined out of one block of aluminum. We then anodize it black and include 4 brand new gaskets. This block has passages drilled in it, to allow fluid to pass through the block when you turn the steering wheel. We suggest adding a small amount of power steering fluid into the steering rack to keep things lubricated.
Finally, since you will no longer have the power steering pump on, we are including the smaller serpentine belt you will now need in order to keep it all running.
*Note: Below 15mph you will need hard steering inputs. Above 15mph you will feel a more direct connection to road.
Fits: M52, S50, S52
If You Would Like To Purchase Individually:
E36 Premium Power Steering Block
E36 Power Steering Delete Serpentine Belt