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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)
Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


E36 Lower Gauge Pod

Original price $39.99 - Original price $79.99
Original price
$39.99 - $79.99
Sale price $39.99

There are not many great places to install aftermarket gauges in the E36 chassis. Because of this, finding a solution has been one of the most requested products we have received.  Working with Falk Mfg, we are developed this OEM+ lower gauge pod. This gauge pod features an OEM textured finish to perfectly match the interior of your car.  It firmly fits into place with no hardware unlike other aftermarket panels that are loose, or have to glue on.  It is constructed from high quality ASA polymer that is UV rated and avoids fading over time.  These gauge pods are compatible with all 52mm aftermarket gauges. 

Note: You will have to cut the "cubby" portion off the lower panel for this product to work.  If you do not want to cut your stock panel, we offer brand new OEM Genuine BMW panels that are pre cut for you at an additional cost.  By purchasing the precut panels, it will make this installation completely plug and play.

You can view the installation instructions, by clicking the link below: