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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


E36 Headlight Duct

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Now NASA Spec3 Legal!

Finding a quality E36 headlight duct on the market was almost impossible.  The current offerings were either 3D printed, or fiberglass, which were heavy, never fit correctly, and required drilling and zip ties for installation.  Because of this, we set out to create an E36 headlight duct that would change the game forever.

Introducing our completely plug and play E36 headlight duct.  These ducts feature high quality ABS plastic and are manufactured through a unique 2 part process.  Our ducts utilize not only the 4 OEM mounting points, but feature provisions to install the stock side markers as well.  Simply push your OEM side markers on the side and they clip securely in place just like your regular headlight. 

We are currently offering two different versions for our customers.

Version 1: Street

The street version of the E36 headlight duct features horizontal slats to prevent road debris, birds, or other foreign objects from entering the intake system. This is a great option for cold air intakes with a cone air filter. These unique slats are not only functional but they offer a nice design element as well.

Version 2: Race

The race version of the E36 headlight duct features an open concept with a 3” outlet for turbo and racing applications.  The 3” outlet allows you to connect ducting to the back of the headlight duct to achieve a true ram air effect.

Fitment: All E36 models

*Note: Driver side refers to left hand side, Passenger side refers to right hand side.

**Note: Our ducts are 100% ABS plastic and can be paint matched to your car.  Please use a light grit sandpaper to scuff the surface to allow proper adhesion. 

***Note: Passenger side headlight ducts are now available.  This is a popular option for turbo applications

****Note: This headlight duct is now NASA Spec3 legal