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Free Race German T-Shirt Over $500*


E36/E46 Rear Shock Mount Reinforcement Plates

Original price $17.60 - Original price $17.60
Original price
$17.60 - $17.60
Sale price $17.60

The rear shock towers on our BMWs have been known to get stress cracks over time. It is always a good idea to reinfoce this area. These rear shock mount reinforcement plates are CAD designed and CNC'd cut in the USA. These go under the rear shock mount on top of the shock tower. They can be welded or not welded. By adding a thicker piece of metal, it acts as a doubler to disperse the load, prevent cracks.



  • All E36, E46 Coupe/Sedan
  • Z3
  • Z4


*Slight modification would be necessary for convertible models