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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


E36 Aux Switch

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We assumed you were tired of using the fighter jet toggle switches from your local big box store, so we decided to create our own. These E36 auxiliary switches are made to look like they came from the factory. This high quality part installs into your bottom switch panel in under 5 minutes. Each switch comes with the pigtails needed to wire in your auxiliary component, and two extra spade connectors. Simply crimp the included spade connectors onto your wiring, and plug in. The best part is, there is no cutting of the factory panel, so it is completely reversible.

These auxiliary switches can run anything from electric fans, lights, horns, cameras, or anything else you want to turn on and off.

Rocker Switch Specs:

  • Single Pole, Single Throw Rocker Switch
  • 5 amps

Note: If your auxiliary component is pulling more than 5amps, you will need to use a relay. It is always a good idea to wire in a fuse before the switch. Do not wire your component directly into the switch.