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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


E34 Rear Cupholder

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BMW engineers know how to make great cars, but it seems they have never used a cupholder in a car. Because of this, the E34 cupholders were an after thought and only put in the USA cars. They never seem to fit any real bottle or cup so we set out to create a solution. Sometimes having the cupholder so close to the shifter, it can be cumbersome and actually cause you to spill your drink. To overcome this, we designed a solution that allows your drinks to sit right behind the armrest.


These E34 rear cup holders are completely plug and play. To install, simply remove the stock rear panel, and install the cup holder. The cup holder also features a dual USB fast charging port that plugs into the factory wiring.



  • Cup holder (diameter sizes up to 3.25")
  • Dual USB A fast charger


The cup holder is 3D printed PETG material (high temperature resistant compared to PLA, PLA will warp in hot climates).


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