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Free Shipping Over $49*

E30 Rear Subframe Reinforcements

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The E30 rear subframe isn't known to have the beefiest subframe. In fact the metal is actually quite thin. When you start to track your car, add extra horespower, or use stiffer bushings in the differential, it transfers a lot more vibration and load through the subframe. No worries, we are here to help. Our E30 rear subframe reinforcement kits double the strength in the weakest points on the subframe, the differential mounts. These simple doubles, can be welded or mechanically bonded to the subframe to add thickness and dispense the load more evenly.


  • All E30s (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible, Touring)
  • Z3, Z3 M Coupe, Z3 M Roadster
  • 318ti Compact

Note: These will still work with our HD E30 Differential Mount Kit

HD E30 Differential Mount Kit