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Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply

E30 Complete Reinforcement Kit

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Looking to beef up your E30 subframe and prevent early failures and cracks? Look no further. We have extensively tracked our E30s and found weak points that should be reinforced if you are tracking or adding more horsepower to your build. It is no surprise that the E30 subrames are not as beefy as they could be. When you start adding in extra stress and vibration from track time, and stiffer bushings, it induces more vibration causing failures and cracks. This complete E30 reinforcement kit is everything you need to reinforce all the weak points in your E30. Each reinforcement plate is CAD designed and made in the USA.

Kit Includes:

  • Front Sway Bar Reinforcements
  • Motor Mount Reinforcements
  • Rear Subframe Reinforcements


All E30s (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible, Touring)