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Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply

Drilled Oil Pump Nut (6 Cyl)

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The achilles heel of the M5x and S5x BMW engines has been the oil nut. Over time vibrations and hard driving can make this nut back off causing loss of oil pressure, thus ruining your engine. This can costs thousands in repairs or the possibility of a new engine.


This oil pump nut has a hole EDM'd (Electrical Discharge Machined) on the flat to allow it to be safety wired to the oil pump sprocket. The kit includes one oil pump nut and safety wire to secure it.


This is a must for any track focused or high mileage 6 cyl BMW engine.


Fits: M50, M52, M52tu, S50, S52, M54


**Remember the oil pump nut is left hand threaded, so you will need to safety the nut in the opposite direction. Please torque to 17 ft lbs.**