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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


Deluxe BMW Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit

Original price $38.50 - Original price $172.00
Original price
$38.50 - $172.00
Sale price $38.50


Installing the OEM exhaust manifold studs can be a real pain. Since the stock studs do not have a drive end, you need to "double nut" them on and off, which can be time consuming and tricky. Our upgraded exhaust manifold studs come with a torx or allen drive end to easily install them into your BMW cylinder head. This kit also includes our deluxe exhaust manifold stud nuts which are extended to protect the stud threads and prevent stripping during removal and installation. Make sure to apply a little bit of oil onto the threads so they turn in easily. A must have upgrade for any BMW owner.

M7x1.0 - OEM - 39MM (E Torx Drive End)
M7x1.0 - EXTENDED - 47MM (E Torx Drive End)
Save 10% with the kit over buying individually
Kits Include:

  • Required Exhaust Studs for Your Engine
  • Required Exhaust Copper Nuts for Your Engine

Pictures may not reflect the actual kit you receive.  All kits come with the exact number of studs and nuts your need for the engine you chose.

*Note: If you are running OBD1 cast iron headers on your M5x engine, please choose the extended stud option.

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