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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


Complete E30 M20 Timing Belt Replacement Kit

Original price $169.99 - Original price $274.99
Original price
$169.99 - $274.99
Sale price $169.99

This is a comprehensive timing belt upgrade kit for your BMW E30 model. Upgrade the performance of your BMW's engine with a new timing belt and water pump kit. Your timing belt is not an easy part to access in your engine, so replace your water pump while you are replacing your belt. Replace your timing belt tensioner. It is important to have the correct tensioning of your BMW timing belt, otherwise the life of your belt will be significantly shortened and your engine will not perform properly. Your timing belt is exposed to a lot of heat, stress, and strain every time you drive. It is important to replace your timing belt setup at regular intervals in order to ensure the continued performance of your engine. It is also necessary to ensure that all of your seals are in good condition. Upgrade your vehicle's engine performance today. Keep reading for more details about your new BMW timing belt and water pump kit. Upgrade to the Gates Racing timing belt for extra security which is 300% stronger than OEM.


Kit Includes:

  • Continental Timing Belt - 1
  • 80 Degree Thermostat - 1
  • Engine Rocker Arm Shaft End Plug - 4
  • Timing Belt Tensioner - 1
  • Graf Water Pump - 1
  • Valve Cover Gasket - 1
  • Crankshaft Seal - 1
  • Camshaft Seal - 2
  • Optional: Gates Racing Timing Belt
  • Optional: Water Pump Stud Kit