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10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)
10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)


Brake Fluid Tester

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This is probably one of my newest favorite tools. This brake fluid tester is a must have for any car, but comes especially handy for track cars. Quickly and easily check the quality of your brake fluid by simply removing the brake reservoir cap and placing the tool prongs into the fluid. Push the button on top and you will see up to 5 LEDs light up telling you the amount of water in your brake fluid. If you have more than 4%, it is a good time to flush your brake system and add new fluid.


Over time, brake fluid absorbs water from the moisture in the air. When water is absorbed into your fluid, the performance of the fluid degrades. You can end up with a spongy brake pedal. This tool only takes seconds to perform, and is a must have in any toolbox, or track bag.


CE and ROHS approved. Includes 1 AAA battery.

Works with DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid.