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Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply

BMW to SPAL Auxiliary Fan Harness (Plug & Play)

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The stock auxiliary fan on our BMWs don't actually push that much air, so a common upgrade is to replace it with a high flow SPAL electric fan.  We have been doing this modification for years, but to install the fan, you have to cut off the OEM BMW connector and splice in the SPAL fan power harness.  If you are like us, we hate to destroy good wiring, so we created a plug and play BMW to SPAL auxiliary fan connector harness.

One end of the harness connects to the stock SPAL fan connector and the other end of the harness connects to the OEM 3 prong plug.  Note that our harness only has 2 prongs.  This is because the stock BMW fan utilizes a low speed, high speed and a ground.  The SPAL fans have one speed, high. To cool your BMW down as much as possible we wired the connector for the high speed only.

*Be Aware:  This is not a plug and play harness to replace your mechanical fan.  This harness is intended to replace the stock BMW Electric auxiliary fan mostly used for the AC system.  If you are looking to replace the mechanical fan, or want to run a dual fan setup, we suggest using our SPAL EZ Fan relay kit found HERE

Fitment: The 3 prong circular connector will only work E30, E36, E34, E32 (May be some others).  This will not fit later model BMWs like E46+. If you have any questions about fitment, please email us at

*SPAL fan is not included, but can be purchased separately from us, HERE