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Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free
Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free


BMW Smoke Leak Detector

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Original price $164.99
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*Upgraded Machine! Our V2 BMW Smoke Leak Detector is now 50% smaller in size!

Smoke leak detectors are a must have tool when troubleshooting your BMW. Many different check engine lights can come on due to vacuum leaks. Over the years, the rubber under the engine bay breaks down and causes small pin hole cracks. When this happens, it allows excess air into the engine causing vacuum leaks. This will give you many different types of codes and make your car run poorly.

We developed our very own BMW smoke leak detector. This unit has everything you need to troubleshoot and find these leaks. Unlike many other smoke leak detectors on the market, we wanted to make this as versatile as possible. Our unit includes a two way hand pump to push the smoke through your engine. By giving you the ability to use the tester without an air compressor, you have more freedom to perform tests around the shop, or take it to your friends house. This tester is very simple to operate and uses the cars actual battery for power. Our optional unique BMW test adapter, is made to fit either a 2.5", 3", or 3.5" throttle body intake tube. No need to take your car to a shop and pay them to diagnose your BMW. Our smoke leak detector costs less than half of what a shop would charge.

Kit Includes:

  • Race German Smoke Leak Detector
  • 10 ft Fused Alligator Clips
  • 2 Way Hand Pump with 6 Foot Extension Hose
  • Large Hook to Hang from the Good
  • Universal Smoke Tip Adapter
  • Free Smoke Leak Fluid (14 Ounces)

*The BMW intake adapter is optional

  • 2.5" (Fits M20 Engines & Others)
  • 3" (Fits most BMW Engines including M50, M52, S50, S52)
  • 3.5" (Fits upgraded MAF)

Racer German BMW Smoke Leak Detector Instructions:


If you are interested in ordering a second BMW adapter,