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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


A/C Solutions BMW S14 M10 Sanden Compressor Bracket (E30 M3, 2002, etc.)

Original price $325.95 - Original price $325.95
Original price
$325.95 - $325.95
Sale price $325.95

Designed with maximum vibration dampening and originality in mind, this compressor bracket is used to adapt the Sanden 508 (SD5H14) or 709 (SD7H15) compressor (v-belt configuration) to the S14 and M10 engine block using a fully isolated (bushed) design similar to that of the factory E30 M3 assembly. Professionally engineered, designed, and manufactured in California, this has been fully FEA tested and zinc plated to withstand the toughest conditions without sacrificing the OEM look and feel.

Overall package weight (including compressor) comes in at 17lbs (less than the original E30 M3 assembly) and boasts a tighter center of gravity for less stress on the isolator bushings. A larger V-belt will be required and can be purchased here.

What’s included?

  • A/C Solutions S14/M10 Sanden compressor bracket
  • Yellow zinc 8.8 and 10.9 hardware
  • Compressor ground wire
  • 2 year warranty


Cross reference part numbers: 64521268536, 64521277002, 64521268537, 64521268538, 32411705063, 64521278034, 07119912712, 64521276354, 07119901120, 07119903039