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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


BMW E36 Volt Meter Dimmer Panel Kit (Plug & Play)

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It is always a great idea to watch the health of your battery and charging system in your BMW.  In fact, if your alternator does not charge your battery, and your battery reaches below 11 volts, your fuel injectors will not fire and can leave you stranded.  Falk MFG introduced this completely plug and play OEM+ E36 volt meter.

This voltage meter is seamlessly integrated into a brand new dimmer switch panel.  The kit comes has everything you need to install including a brand new, plug and play Y harness.  The whole installation takes less than 30 minutes, and only requires a phillips screwdriver. 

Once installed, the meter accurately reads the voltage of your E36.  When your car is running, and if the alternator is working properly, you should see a charging voltage of around 12.5-14 volts.  When the car is off, but the key is in accessory mode, the voltage meter will read your current battery voltage.  Easily tell, not only if your alternator charging system is working, but if your battery can actually hold a charge.

A very useful upgrade, and a must have in our book.


  • Integrated voltage meter panel in the E36 dimmer panel
  • Voltage meter brightness also dims with the dimmer switch
  • OEM matching orange/amber back light
  • Plug & play Y harness included
  • OEM texture on the face of the panel
  • CAD designed and Made in the USA
  • UV resistant to fading