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Enjoy Free Shipping Over $500* (Some exclusions apply)


BMW Clutch Stop (Big Boy)

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The "Big Boy" clutch stop is a perfect replacement for your stock plastic one. This oversized rubber pad is fully adjustable to eliminate the free travel you have between your clutch engaging and the floor. This is a great addition for anyone looking for faster shifts.


Easy installation, takes only minutes.


Fits all E28, E30, E34, E36, E39, E46, Z3, and Z8 cars with manual transmissions.

NOTE: some later E36 and all E46 BMWs require the clutch to be partially or fully depressed in order to start the vehicle. Because of the nature of the clutch stop, it doesn't allow the clutch to be depressed fully to the floor, which may not activate the switch to allow the car to start without a simple sensor modification. Note that modifying the sensor may inactivate your cruise control.