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Free Shipping Over $500 (Some Exclusions Apply For Oversize Items)


BMW Brake Bleeder Wrench Kit

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This brake bleeder wrench is one of our favorite tools in the aresenal. This tool uses an encapsulated socket with a bleeder nipple attached to it. Simply place this tool over your bleeder and attach a hose on the other end. This tool not only makes it easy to bleed your brakes, but prevents stripping of your bleeder nipple. The hose has a check valve design which will not allow air back in the system even when the bleeder is cracked open. This also prevents brake fluid from dripping when disconneting the tool.

This kit includes all of the most common sizes for BMW: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, & 11mm, along with the one man brake bleeder hose.

*Note colors of case may vary due to availability

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Brake Bleeder Wrench