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Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply

BMW Airbag Reset Tool (Srs)

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Ah, the dreaded airbag light. How many times have you been told only the dealer can reset this light? Well no more expensive trips to the BMW dealer to remove a simple light. This BMW airbag reset tool is exactly what you need.


  • Displays all SRS fault codes, tells you what's wrong.
  • Resets the "SRS" Light.
  • Included user manual contains all Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions

Fitment: for BMWs from 1994-2003 (E36, E46, E39, E53 etc)

*Note: You will not be able to remove your airbag light if you have any other check engine lights on. You will also not be able to remove the airbag light if what is causing the light is not fixed. Example, if your airbag sensor in the door is bad, the airbag light will come back on. You will need to fix the issues before you can remove the light.