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Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free
Happy Fathers Day! Spend $200, Receive $20 Free


Basic E36 Volt Meter Module

Original price $44.99 - Original price $44.99
Original price
$44.99 - $44.99
Sale price $44.99

Checking your battery and alternator health is a good thing to do.  This E36 volt meter by Falk MFG, is the perfect plug and play solution and looks OEM+.  The volt meter plugs into the auxiliary spots below the on board computer.  These meters also feature a simple switch to prevent your battery from draining when you are not using it.

  • Premium OEM-grade matching textured finish
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested by E36 owner and engineer
  • ASA material - resists UV rays & fading 
  • Fast refresh rate voltmeter calibrated to +/- 0.1 volts