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Free Shipping Over $49*

No Cut Hose Clamps

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If you have been following Race German for a while, you know I have an aviation background. Aviation products hold a higher standard for obvious reasons, so whenever I can mix aviation into the car community I do it. These no cut hose clamps are the perfect example. Standard automotive hose clamps use an open worm gear system, that when tightened, cuts into the rubber and can cause leaks. These no cut hose clamps are made of stainless steel and have an extra protection layer around them to prevent this. When you tighten these clamps down, the rubber does not come in contact with the worm gear serrations.


Available in 3 sizes:

  • 7/32" - 5/8"
  • 7/16" - 25/32"
  • 9/16" - 1 1/16"
  • 1 1/16" - 2"


*Sold Individually

Note: We recommend 7/32"-5/8" hose clamps for fuel and vacuum lines