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Free Shipping Over $49* Some Exclusions Apply

Deluxe Brake Pad Compressor

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Listen, I get it. C clamps have been around since the dawn of time, and yes, you can compress a caliper doing it. But its 2020 and we have evolved. Here is one of the best tools you never knew you wanted. This brake pad compressor tool takes away any frustration you have ever had during a brake pad change. This tool comes with two different plates depending on your brake size, and features a ratcheing center wrench to easily spread your brake pads apart.

The problem with using a c clamp is you run the risk of damaging your brake pads. With the large pads of this tool, it creates more surface area to prevent any damage. The ratcheting design makes this job a breeze. After trying this tool, youll wonder how you ever changed your brakes in the past.