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*Free Shipping in the 48 Contiguous United States


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In a world that is so serious, its nice to laugh every once in a while. These fuel frangrances do just that! Pick up a funky bottle today and treat your gasoline to the glorious smell of grape, watermelon, cotton candy, reefer and more! These highly concentrated bottles will treat up to 20 gallons of gasoline. They will not only make your gas smell good, but so does your exhaust! Pull into the next car meet, or rip down the straight while smelling the sweet smell of fruitory.

Pre-mix with fuel or pour directly into your tank before filling up. These fuel fragrances are safe for all internal combustion engines, injectors, carburetors, 02 sensors and catalytic converters. They do not inhibit or enhance engine performance. One 4 oz. bottle treats up to 35 gallons of alcohol/methanol, 20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane or 10 gallons of diesel fuel.

*Caution: Fuel Fragrance is flammable*