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Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply
Free Shipping Over $49.99* Some Exclusions Apply

BMW E30 24v Swap A/C Conversion Kit (S50, S52, S54, and more)

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Designed and engineered for the enthusiast, this conversion kit offers a complete, plug-and-play R134a A/C system for 24v swapped E30s using a modern Denso compressor, Nissens parallel flow condenser, R134a expansion valve, new R134a lines (inside and out), and all the necessary supporting parts. This has been designed to work with the S50, S52 and S54 as well as the M50, M52, and M54 engine.

Note: We are expecting to have these back in stock late October!

What’s in the box?

  • Genuine Denso (E36 M3) compressor (view)
  • Denso compressor adapter
  • Nissens parallel flow condenser (view)
  • Low-pressure suction line (bulkhead to compressor)
  • High-pressure discharge line (compressor to drier)
  • High-pressure condenser return line (condenser to drier)
  • Interior line set w/ o-rings (view)
  • OE filter drier (view)
  • R134a expansion valve (view)
  • R134a low and high-pressure fittings (view)
  • Model specific R134a o-ring kit (view)
  • Detailed installation instructions (view)
  • R134a retrofit label (view)

This product requires no R&D, and is easily reversible using professionally engineered components, OEM-like hardware, and durable replacement parts resulting in a trouble-free installation that can be completed in under 4 hours by a professional. It is designed to fit both stock and euro headers while providing ample clearance around the factory oil cooler lines and OEM brake ducting/undertray.

This kit assumes your vehicle still retains all original interior A/C equipment. It is designed to use the OEM aux fan, high and low pressure switches (on drier), and high-pressure drier return line, along with proper functionality of the evaporator, expansion valve, and HVAC sensors.