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10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)
10% Off All MTS Technik Coilovers (6/14-6/24)


ATE Typ 200 Dot 4 Brake Fluid (Super Blue)

by ATE
Original price $20.99 - Original price $20.99
Original price
$20.99 - $20.99
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The original racing brake fluid. The ATE Typ 200 brake fluid has been a staple for spiritied drivers and track day enthusiasts. Unfortunately the fluid is no longer blue because of new laws, but it is the same great formula.

Type 200 specifications:
Dry boiling point: 280°C (536°F)
Wet boiling point: 198°C (388°F)
Recommended change interval: Up to 3 years